The Alaska Center

Adding solar energy to a home or business is easier and cheaper when people band together. Forming a collective can bring down costs and make a project more attractive to installers. That’s the goal of Solarize Homer.

You can find information on the Homer, Kenai, Fairbanks and Anchorage Solarize projects at or at To sign up for Solarize Homer, contact organizer Satchel Pondolfino at


Mihael Simoni CC BY-SA 3.0

This week on The Coffee Table, learn how to sign up for Solarize, a collective purchasing program to spur solar energy development in local communities.

Solarize organizer Satchel Pondolfino, Louis Flora from The Alaska Center and Scott Waterman from Spirited Energy Ventures talk about the program and what it takes to add solar energy to your home or business.

You can find information on the Solarize Homer, Kenai and Anchorage projects at or at