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Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s veto cutting funding to agricultural development has alarmed advocates for sustainable farms working toward food security. The veto would cut $1.2 million from the state’s Department of Natural Resources in addition to defunding a loan program for farmers.

Robbi Mixon is the local foods director for Cook Inletkeeper in Homer. She said the governor’s veto will deprive Alaska farmers of crucial know-how and advice from the state’s agriculture division.

We've heard a lot about the negative effects of climate change in the arctic and subarctic. But some Alaskans, like farmer Tim Meyers, are seeing warming temperatures as an opportunity.

Now that potato harvest is underway at his Bethel farm, Meyers uses a giant potato washer, like a washing machine for root vegetables, to clean California white potatoes.

They're some of the only commercially produced vegetables in this southwestern Alaska region, about the size of Oregon.

Meyers says the warming summers are a big part of his success.