Tess Dally

The Homer City Council recently adopted an American with Disabilities Act Transition Plan to make Homer more accessible. Legally, the city should have implemented a plan years ago but because of lack of oversight, it’s just now accomplishing that goal.

Tess Dally is trying to hoist herself onto a wheelchair accessible trail near Bishops Beach. At least, it’s supposed to be accessible.

Homer City Council passes accessibility resolution

Aug 15, 2017
Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

The Homer City Council passed a resolution Monday aimed at making Homer a universally accessible city. Council member David Lewis proposed the measure, which encourages businesses and the city to work towards improving accessibility for those with disabilities.

Several public comments were given in support of the resolution, but there was some pushback on the council. The panel passed a resolution last year, forming the city’s Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Committee. The resolution tasked the committee with forming a transition plan for the city.