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Kachemak Currents
Saturday 9:35 a.m.

Kachemak Currents is a natural history program produced by the Center for Alaska Coastal Studies. The program covers a wide variety of subjects, all sharing the common theme of "the natural history of the Kachemak Bay area."

  • Moss is a simple, yet remarkably resilient member of our environment
  • This summer was one of the rainiest in recent history for the Homer area, and that could explain the comparative lack of fireweed blossoms
  • Inspiration Ridge Preserve and how sandhill cranes have adapted to human-made changes in the Homer area
  • Nemertea worms, a marine worm also known as ribbon and proboscis worms, are readily found in Kachemak Bay
  • The slime mold is neither plant nor animal, and it's not a fungus either; it's an amoeba.
  • The invasive Orange Hawkweed plant has gained a foothold in Southcentral Alaska
  • Six species of bats live in Alaska, most of these in Southeast, but the Little Brown Bat has adapted to life in central Alaska, even north of Fairbanks
  • Three species of sharks are found in Kachemak Bay