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Fox River Cattlemen: Part 2

“Cows being transported from Homer to Anchorage and on to mines.” No date.
Anchorage Museum of History and Art (Library and Archives)
“Cows being transported from Homer to Anchorage and on to mines.” No date.

Our second installment of Homer Grown's series on the Fox River Cattlemen features Otto Kilcher and Akaky Martushev. They discuss some of the challenges with raising cattle at the head of Kachemak Bay, "supernatural" qualities of cows and the pseudoscience of why ravens chase hawks.

Nicole Arevalo has your weekly 'rundown' of events and opportunities in local Agriculture and wild habitat too.

Note: We had a long list of cattle-themed sequel names. We wanted to title this episode Cattlemen 2: Bovine Boogaloo- a reference to the 1984 movie Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. The Wikipedia entry for Breakin' 2 noted: 'the subtitle "Electric Boogaloo" has entered the popular culture lexicon as a snow clone nickname to denote an archetypal sequel.' At the risk of butchering a joke, we have a cheesy cow pun for part three also.

Support for Homer Grown comes from Wagon Wheel Garden and Petand Woda Botanicals.

Music for the episode is provided by local musicians Ryan Black and the band Trial and Terror.

This episode first aired 11/06/2021.

Homer Grown CattleFox River FlatsOtto Kilcher
Originally from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, Desiree has called Alaska ‘home’ for almost two decades. Her involvement in radio began over 10 years, first as a volunteer DJ at KBBI, later as a host and producer, and now in her current role as a reporter. Her passions include stories relating to agriculture, food systems and rural issues. In her spare time, she can often be found riding her bicycle, creating art from handmade paper, or working in the garden.
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