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Homer Grown is a locally produced gardening show  exploring gardening, agriculture, and local producers. Every other Saturday at 11am with host Desiree Hagen.

Homer grown: Invasive/Common Weeds, Dandelion Mead

Jul 13, 2021

For this episode host Desiree Hagen talks with the Invasive Species Manager from Homer Soil and Water Conservation District Katherine Schake about invasive species, common plants in the garden, what they are and how you might utilize them.

Then we head to the Brew Shop and make dandelion mead (with local honey!) with Sean Cullerton. Steve McCastlin from the Homer Brewery joins in the fun and conversation. 

Homer Grown: Seldovia's emerging Farmers Market

Jun 30, 2021
Photo by Daysha Eaton/KBBI

In this episode we take a trip across the bay to Seldovia and to  talk with Rosanna McInnes and Lisa Stanish about starting Seldovia's first farmers market, with the aim of increasing food security for their small town across Kachemak Bay (and off the road system). We then visit Rosanna's Garden to learn about intensive planting and lasagna-style beds.

We chat with Lauren Jerew about what's new at the Homer Farmer's Market this season.

Homer grown: Compost, Vermiculture and Worms

Jun 13, 2021
Grandpa's Worm Castings

In this episode host Desiree Hagen interviews Jodie Anderson, director of the Matanuska Experimental Farm and Extension Center through UAF about all things compost. Can it be composted? Is it a "brown" or a "green"? Jodie explains how we can be better "zookeepers" to our compost piles, and how microbes can be compaired to children who have been given puppies and too much sugar.

Homer grown: It's Alive! A show on Soil Health

May 23, 2021
Homer Grown

The soil is alive, but what's actually in it? How can we keep are soil thriving and healthy?

Host Desiree Hagen interviews Jessica Sharp from Homer Soil and Water Conservation District regarding the procedure and processing of Soil Tests. Soil Scientist from the Alaska NRCS/USDA office, Dennis Mulligan discusses soil health, soil mapping and answers 'soil science 101' questions. 

Homer Grown: Birch Syrup and Moose Habitat Restoration

May 11, 2021
Homer Grown

Nature provides many cues to alert us to the arrival of spring, whether its the return of migratory birds, the appearence of stinging nettles, or the flow of birch sap. In this episode we visit with Bridge Creek Birch Syrup both in the birch grove and at the sugar shack to discuss the process of making birch syrup. 

Matt James from Homer Soil and Water and Lynn Whitmore, of Kachemak Moose Habitat, Inc. chat about moose, their habitat and the different ways that they are working toward maintaining healthy moose populations.

Homer Grown

For this episode we visit with Sonja Martin Young from Alaska Aquaponics to discuss how her goldfish and koi work in tandem with her year-round indoor grow system.

Alaska Seeds of Change chats how their hydroponic operation offers outreach, training, and mental health services to at risk youth in the Anchorage area, while simultaneously providing fresh vegetables to local restaurants and the community.

Homer Grown

We return to the garden (figuratively, of course) to discuss ways we can interact with plants despite recent 

sub-freezing temperatures.

Local horticulturalist and self-described 'garden enthusiast', Tim Alzheimer, shares methods of asexual plant propagations including use of clippings, layering and bubbling.

Tia Holley/ Indigenous Herbals

The focus for this episode is Alaska Native plant traditions and medicine. We talk with Elder Kathy Brewster of Nanwalek about medicinal plants within Supiaq/Alutiiq culture.

Homer Grown Season 2, Episode 1: Kelp

Mar 13, 2021
Weatherly Bates

Homer grown is back and we are exploring aquaculture.

In this episode we join Weatherly Bates of Alaska Shellfish Farms in Halibut Cove, to talk how kelp can benefit your kitchen, garden and the planet. Weatherly and her family were named Alaska Farm Family of the Year for 2020 and she recently started offering Kelp shares for sale.

Blood Sweat and Food Farms

On this final episode of the first season, we talk with Aryn Young and Beau Burgess of Blood Sweat and Food Farm about the benefits of pasture-raised meats, caring for animals during winter and ethical butchering. We discuss the big picture: how their integrated approach to agriculture presents numerous benefits to the quality of life of the animals, the consumer, the community and the farmer.

Carolyn Westbrook

On this special Halloween episode, Desiree talks with Carolyn Westbrook of Woda Botanicals and Yarrow Hinnant about various local plants, the lore and significance of plant names, and how these plants can be processed to use medicinally. The interview ran a little long so we included a bonus segment with more details on processing herbs that was not included in the original episode. 

In addition, Homer Soil and Waters' Kyra Wagner provides our 'tech minute' and Nicole Arevalo has our weekly roundup of oppurtunities in local Ag.

Saskia Esslinger

In the latest episode of Homer Grown:

We talk to Saskia Esslinger about putting garden beds to bed, permaculture, the new, local seed library and teaching gardening.

Kyra Wagner provides our tech minute and addresses water concerns going into the winter months.

And Nicole Arevalo has our weekly roundup of events and opportunities in local Ag.

Hosted by Desiree Hagen and produced in collaboration with Homer Soil & Water. Airing every other Saturday at 11 AM.

This episode first aired October 17, 2020.

Homer Grown

In this episode we talk with Jon Kee of Spruce Top Farm, Linda Gorman on overwintering bees, Katherine Schake and Nicole Arevalo on Reed Canary Grass and Brad Casar on fall soil sampling. 

Hosted by Desiree Hagen and produced in collaboration with Homer Soil & Water. Airing every other Saturday at 11 AM.



Homer Grown, Episode 9: Apples, Cold Compost

Sep 20, 2020
Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen, Public Domain

For the latest episode of Homer Grown, hosted by Desiree Hagen:

We talk with Dave Schroer and Dave Erickson about apple cultivation and orchard maintanance.

Kyra Wagner addresses cold and hot compost for our 'Tech Minute'.

And, Nicole Arevalo has our weekly roundup of current events and opportunites in local Ag.

For the latest episode of Homer Grown, hosted by Desiree Hagen:

We take a field trip to Ninilchik and talk with Shawn Jackinsky of Green Cannon farms about perennial vegetables, heritage plants, seed saving and learn a little about the history of Ninilchik. 

We visit with Marsha Rouggly of Sweet Berries, and learn about jams, preserving the harvest, pigs in heat and farm life in general.