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CoffeeTable is KBBI's local interview program. You can be a part of the conversation by calling 235-7721, in the Homer area, or toll-free at 1-800-979-5224.

Alder Seaman, KBBI

On this week's Coffee Table: candidates for Homer's mayor. Ken Castner and David Lewis spoke on everything from their views on mayoral proclamations to how they would approach balancing the budget. The municipal election is on Oct. 2. 

This week on the Coffee Table: voting 101. KBBI speaks with Alex Koplin from Kenai Peninsula Votes, a  nonpartisan voter outreach organization and Melissa Jacobson, Homer’s city clerk. We discuss everything you need to know about the upcoming elections, what inspires people to vote and how Homer’s voter turnout compares to other areas.

It’s back to school week, but not everyone is going back to traditional school. This week on the Coffee Table: homeschooling.  Principal of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Connections Homeschool Program Richard Bartolowits talks with KBBI's Renee Gross about common misconceptions of homeschooling, reasons why families choose to homeschool and new trends in homeschool education. 

Renee Gross, KBBI News

This week on The Coffee Table: veterans' concerns. Renee Gross spoke with Vietnam veterans Marion Parish, Troy Wise and Jimmy Gibbs along with the Director of the Alaska Veteran Affairs Healthcare System Dr. Timothy Ballard about what services are needed for veterans, barriers to care and VA  healthcare. 

Homer Soil & Water Conservation District

This week on the Coffee Table: invasives. KBBI News Director Aaron Bolton is joined by Matt Steffy with the Homer Soil & Water Conservation District, Jen Hester with the Kenai Watershed Forum and Janice Chumley with the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service to talk about all things invasive on the Keani Peninsula and in your own backyard.

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Kenai Peninsula Cooperative Weed Management Area

Renee Gross, KBBI News/Alaska State Legislature

Today on the Coffee Table, KBBI News Director Aaron Bolton speaks with House District 31 candidate Henry Kroll, Republican, and incumbent Paul Seaton, non-partisan, about how Alaska's Legislature should move forward on the state's budget gap. 

Correction: An earlier version incorrectly stated the number of candidates running in the U.S. House Democratic Primary. There are four. 

Four candidates are running in the Democratic primary for Alaska's single seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Democrat Dimitri Shein and Independent Alyse Galvinspoke on this week's Coffee Table. They discussed education, jobs and climate change among other issues. 

Courtesy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough

Today on the Coffee Table: KBBI News Director Aaron Bolton speaks with Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce, Assembly President Wayne Ogle and assembly member Willy Dunne about the budget and how to fill this year's roughly $2.8 million budget gap. 

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

This week on the Coffee Table, KBBI News Director Aaron Bolton speaks with Homer Police Chief Mark Robl and City Council members Donna Aderhold and Heath Smith about the city's $5 million bond proposition for a new police station. Homer city residents will vote on the proposition during a special election on June 26. 

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In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, this week's Coffee Table is on the stigma surrounding mental illness and substance abuse. Jay Bechtol, the head of South Peninsula Behavioral Health Services, and Hannah Heimbuch, a member of the local recovery group The Bearded Sister, discuss how the community can overcome negative attitudes toward these diseases.