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Join host Jeff Lockwood and his guest in the KBBI studios in downtown Homer to explore food through its ingredients - one per week.  From cooking techniques to cultural importance to personal stories, Check the Pantry examines the question all of us ask every day - "Hey, what's for dinner?"

Check the Pantry Episode 1 - Chickpeas

17 hours ago
Garbanzo Beans
Sanjay Acharya / Wikimedia Commons

Join host Jeff Lockwood and guest Teri Robl in a wide ranging discussion of all aspects of chickpeas, from hummus and falafel to chickpea curries and even how to use chickpea water to make meringue!  Plus, a wine pairing for hummus selected  by Skip Clary.  Recorded at the KBBI studios in Homer, Alaska on October 11, 2018.