Two new COVID-19 cases in Homer - one hospitalized

Apr 30, 2020

Credit PBS

The number of COVID-19 cases associated with Homer doubled yesterday, with the announcement by the city that two new individuals have tested positive for the disease. 

    According to the announcement on the city’s Covid-19 web page, one patient is currently hospitalized, while the other is confined to home. Both were tested earlier this week at South Peninsula Hospital. The city has no information indicating that the cases are related.

    One case is reportedly the result of community transmission, meaning the individual had not traveled, and picked the coronavirus up from another infected person in town. 

The Public Health Nurse is conducting investigations into both cases to determine their origins. The Public Health Nurses will reach out to any person who may have come into contact with these individuals and offer instructions for preventing the spread of disease including options such as quarantine, isolation, and getting tested.

Homer has had two previous cases, one more than a month ago in the area, and another of a Homer resident who was Outside when they became ill.