Truck spills diesel into Anchor River

Dec 8, 2017

A semi-truck slid off Nikolaevsk Road into the Anchor River on Dec. 4., spilling about 15 gallons of diesel into the river. The truck is owned by Alaska Trucking of Soldotna and was contracted to haul appliances. 

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation estimates the truck spilled 15 gallons of diesel into the Anchor River.
Credit Cook Inletkeeper

The driver did not report the accident to Alaska State Troopers or the Department of Environmental Conservation.

DEC received a citizen complaint on Dec. 5 and responded to the scene the following day. The spokesperson for the department, Candice Barber, said, “Initially our spill responder noticed a diesel odor but there was no visible sheen observed which was great. There was some discolored snow and ice that was noticed near the non-damaged culvert by the road. At that point in time the river was mostly frozen over.”

DEC worked to remove the stained ice and snow. The department is still gathering information before it decides the next course of action.

Trooper Sargent Daniel Cox said law enforcement is also actively involved in the case. “We are investigating the crash and it is possible that the driver will be cited for failing to report the crash," he said. 

DEC said the driver of the truck is willing to help with cleanup.