SVT Health and Wellness opens new center in Anchor Point

Mar 7, 2019

The new Anchor Point SVT Health and Wellness will be opening its doors on Tuesday.
Credit SVT Health and Wellness

Residents of Anchor Point will soon have expanded healthcare options in the area. The Seldovia Village Tribe is opening up a new SVT Health and Wellness center on the corner of Milo Fritz Avenue and Sterling Highway on Tuesday.

SVT began offering primary care services to Anchor Point out of a leased, smaller space in 2007. It will continue offering primary care in its new building as well as counseling, acupuncture and cooking classes.

Laurel Hilts is the public relations director for the tribe.

“We want to have the ability to address the whole picture and so when you have those other services that's going to factor into that--behavioral health, counseling services, looking at what's going on for you mentally, socially, emotionally…,” she said. “I mean we all benefit when we're looking at the whole picture versus just one particular health related issue." 

The center will be open Tuesday and Thursdays. There will be a reception for the new facility Friday at noon.