Susan B. English School suspends lunch service

Jan 7, 2020

Susan B.English school in Seldovia
Credit City of Seldovia

Susan B. English School in Seldovia, is unexpectedly without its food service provider.
The school sent a letter to parents yesterday.
The letter reads:
"Due to lack of food service substitutes, after today, school lunch at Susan B. English School will not be available until further notice."

Pegge Erkeneff, is Director of Commutations for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. On a  call with KBBI’s Kathleen Gustafson, she says the district is seeking someone qualified as a substitute for an undetermined period of time.
If you are interested in a substitute position with KPBSD food service, go to


Oftentimes when somebody is out for a day, we can make do, but at this point we do need somebody that will be a little bit more longterm.

For how long does the school need a susbstitute?

I do not have the duration. What I do know is that across the district, we've got a need for substitutes in this one, especially as effecting our lunch program at the school. So for anybody that's interested in becoming a substitute, there is a process for it and they could go to our website. So you go through an actual application process that has many pieces in it, including a background check and the need for a physical. That's good for three years.
There is a lot to it, but I've been through it. It's quick.

There's a lot of pieces to it. It can look overwhelming. But we've got people in the office between eight and five that can talk to anybody. We'd encourage anybody that wants to set their own timeframe for when they'd want to work to consider being a substitute support staff or teacher in one of our schools.
KBBI:And is there a plan for tomorrow?

At this point, I'm not aware of what it is, and even though Susan B doesn't seem that remote, it's hard to get somebody there to cover that.

And "that" that person keeping a kitchen and the pantry and providing food every day? Is that person cooking as well?

I don't have the details, it's not posted yet, but I anticipate it will be posted in the next few days.So if anybody visits the website, click apply now there's a little icon at the very top of the page, or if you go right beneath the big picture, there's some community interest information. And the second item is about becoming a substitute and has links, right there, straight to where you need to go.