Stolen vehicle used to rob Anchor Point pawnshop

Sep 29, 2017

Credit Image courtesy of Alaska State Troopers

Early Thursday morning, a Dodge Nitro SUV parked outside Sarge’s Auto Repair Shop in Anchor Point was stolen and used to rob the Useful Things Pawnshop.

The assailants used the SUV to drive to the shop, break in, and the vehicle was later abandoned.

Mike Slaughter owns the pawnshop and he estimates $20,000 worth of merchandise was taken from the store. 

“We had five handguns taken, some rings, miscellaneous jewelry, some old bills, some high-end knives,” Slaughter listed.

Fred Agree, owner of the SUV, thinks the assailants used his car to rob the shop because of its cargo capacity.

“I think they went and stole my car on purpose, figuring they’re might be video or movie cameras watching the area, and there was,” Agree said.

After the robbery, the car was left on a dirt road where troopers believe the assailants moved the stolen goods to different car.

Agree says that apart from a dead battery, the vehicle suffered no significant damage.

Alaska State Troopers Sergeant Daniel Cox is working the case. He notes that although they have leads and have seized evidence, they are still early in the process.

“But at this point we are at the preliminary stages of the investigation. We are still processing evidence and trying to contact people,” Coz explained.  

If you have any information regarding this case, you can contact the Anchor Point state trooper office at 235-8239.