Rep. Vance decries rioters' attack on Capitol

Jan 8, 2021

Rep. Sarah Vance
Credit State of Alaska

Elected officials across the nation have been weighing in on the attempted coup by supporters of President Trump in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. While District 31 Representative Sarah Vance declined to comment for a story by public radio KDLL Kenai, she was asked about the riot during a work session with the Homer City Council Thursday afternoon.
    The question came from Councilmember Rachel Lord.

"Definitely evokes a lot of feelings,” Vance said. “But I will say this, there was a photo that I saw of someone carrying off a piece of furniture. It was either Nancy Pelosi's podium or something. And a person said to me that they thought it was comical and it really, really struck me.

“I said, you know, I don't see that as funny because that belongs to the people and they stole it without shame. And they said, you know, 'we don't need to be concerned about some furniture being rearranged when our Republic is at stake.'

"And as I was talking to my husband about it, I realized that's precisely the problem is because what Americans are forgetting is that we are the government. And that we already own all of those things in the nation's Capitol. That's the people's house. They weren't trespassing. They should have come peaceably.

"They should've let our congressional delegation do their job. They should have allowed them to continue to fulfill their constitutional duties."

Alaska House District 31 Rep. Sarah Vance of Homer's comments came during a special Homer City Council work session to discuss legislative priorities with her in advance of the upcoming legislative session.