Randolph Yost Arrives In Kachemak Bay

Mar 10, 2016

Randolph Yost in Kachemak Bay
Credit Photo by Julien Jacobs

The drill rig the City of Homer expected to arrive last weekend is getting ready to tie up at the Homer Port. The Randolph Yost could be ready to dock by Friday.

The Randolph Yost arrived in Kachemak Bay Thursday night. The rig was originally scheduled to come into the bay on March 5th, but it was slightly delayed. 

“There hasn’t been any explanation for the delay. I can only assume that the captain was working with the weather conditions and making sure they arrived safely,” said Port and Harbor Director Bryan Hawkins. 

Hawkins says the rig, and the heavy lift ship hauling it, came from Singapore. The trip to Homer was about 6,700 miles.

The rig is being contracted by Furie Operating Alaska. When the Yost leaves Homer, Furie will use it to drill wells alongside its new production platform in the Upper Cook Inlet.

Hawkins says before the Yost can dock its crew has to separate it from the ship.

"I’m not sure how long that’s going to take but initial estimates yesterday, before arrival, was that sometime on Friday they’d be able to offload, and bring it into the dock and put the legs down," said Hawkins.

Hawkins says the rig is expected to stay in Homer for one to two months and the city will make about $1,000 per day in dockage fees.