Radio Theatre Presents: Knife Skills, Sept 18th at 7pm

Sep 5, 2020

Knife Skills - Premiering September 18th on KBBI AM 890!

    KBBI and Bluejaye Productions proudly present Knife Skills, an original piece written by Lindsey Schneider and produced with local talent. Tune in live for radio theatre Sept 18th at 7pm on KBBI AM 890 or on Knife Skills is the story of four kitchen workers at the edge of the world. A charming executive chef, an ambitious sous chef, a hardened line cook, and an innocent dishwasher form a strong friendship working long hours at a rural deluxe wilderness lodge in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Surrounded by incredible wilderness, the kitchen crew prepares high-end cuisine for the über-rich clientele who come to enjoy luxury recreation at Susitna Lodge. When a prestigious group of Belgian royals visits the lodge, owner John lets sous chef Margo take the reins in the kitchen–but when she accidentally discovers her executive chef’s biggest secret, she must choose between her ambition and her friendships before they both disintegrate. Touching on themes of ambition, sexism, and betrayal, Knife Skills is the untold drama of working in the bush. Knife Skills


Written and Directed by Lindsey Schneider

Sound design by Olivia Wheeler 

Produced for KBBI AM 890 by Josh Krohn 

In order of appearance: 

Christina, the lodge’s co-owner: Ingrid Harrald 

Line, the prep cook: Chloë Pleznac

Margo, the sous chef: Margo: Helen-Thea Marcus 

Ren, the dishwasher: Theodore Castellani 

Andy, the executive chef: Peter Sheppard

John, the lodge’s co-owner and husband of Christina: Darrel Oliver