Racist graffiti carved into car at Dave’s Auto Repair

Apr 26, 2019

Dave's Auto Repair
Credit David Johnson

The owner of Dave's Auto Repair just outside of Homer city limits found the n-word and a misspelled message about O.J. Simpson carved into a customer’s white Ford Bronco, similar to the model Simpson made famous through his infamous police chase in 1994.

Owner David Johnson says the front driver’s side bumper was also damaged.

“It looks like maybe they kicked it,” he said. “It has a large two-and-a-half feet size dent in it. And it looks like fresh paint has been peeled off from the kick, from the metal being dent, it has body damage there.”  

He says other cars weren’t damaged, and he reported the graffiti to Alaska State troopers. About a month ago, racist rhetoric was spray painted on Wasabi’s Bistrojust down the road, but it’s unclear if the incidents are related.

“I think it's absolutely absurd that such a beautiful place that this is in the world cause I’ve been to different parts in the world, there are folks that live here, there are few, that have no idea on even how to talk to a person of different culture,” he said. “And so, whoever did this, they're not educated as far as people skills go.”

He believes it’s a hate crime. Although he is Indian, he doesn’t believe he was the target.

“I'm a local resident,” he said. “I was born in India, and I grew up here. I don't think any of my customers, I don't have any type of ill relationship with any of them. So I know I wasn’t being targeted. Perhaps the vehicle itself looks like the exact similar model of O.J. Simpson’s on the media perhaps?”

Johnson has not been able to reach the owner of the vehicle. KBBI reached out to the Alaska State Troopers but they did not respond it time for this story.