Preliminary designs out for new police station

Jan 15, 2019

Credit City of Homer

The Homer City Council got its first look at preliminary designs for the new police station Monday. Project Manager Pat McNary, Homer Public Works Director Carey Meyer and Homer Police Chief Mark Robl presented the partial plan for the building, which will sit on the corner of Heath Street and Grubstake Avenue.

Council members discussed everything from the size of the break room to the elevator and the roof, which will be flat under the current design.

Council member Caroline Venuti worried that would lead to frequent and expensive maintenance.

But McNary said there are benefits to a flat roof.

“We did a pro and con on flat versus sloped and flat hands down is the way to go on this project," he said.  "Specifically the antenna ray requires a flat roof, a 4-by-20 area.”

Police Chief Robl is providing feedback to the design team and he plans to include input from his employees as well. Public Works Director Meyer says they also plan to host an open house down the line so the public can see the plans and provide input.

“We really haven't had anything to really show them until now,” Meyer said. “So I think that's one of the things on our to do list is to establish and advertise and encourage people to come out and learn about the project as well as have an opportunity to provide input.”

The team will be also be presenting the plan at the Planning Commission this Wednesday. They expect to break ground in the spring and to be ready for occupancy in 2020. You can see pictures of the current plan in the city council's packet on the City of Homer’s website.