Poso no longer running for Homer City Council

Aug 29, 2017

Anne Poso
Credit Courtesy of the City of Homer

Annie Poso no longer wants to run for one of two spots on the Homer City Council this fall. Poso was one of the first few candidates to file earlier this month.

She explains she formally announced her candidacy after seeing just two people on the ballot.

“Initially, I listened to a story on KBBI that only two candidates had filed, and I felt that there needed to be some more viable options. So, I put my hat in the ring,” Poso explained.  

Over the next two weeks, five additional candidates joined the race, which gave Poso confidence that she was no longer necessary.

“Then I had pause that there were viable people who had their fingers on the pulse of Homer, and I was like, ‘yeah, we did it,’” she said. “We’ve got people running that understand the community.”

While Poso did not endorse any candidate, she had these words to say to future city council members.

“I’d like to see the city council focus on our community, and not let national or international politics play a role on how we chose to operate, go forward,” Poso noted. “I think we are a very unique community.”

There are seven people in the race for council seats. KBBI will bring you profiles from each candidate in the coming weeks and will hold a town hall at the Kachemak Bay Campus on Sept. 21. Voting for municipal and borough elections will be on Oct. 3.