A message from Doctor William Bell

Mar 18, 2020

Doctor William Bell from Homer Medical Clinic
Credit Homer Medical Clinic

This is Dr. Bell from the Homer Medical Center. I would like you to join me in flattening the curve.

What does that mean?
It means taking actions now that keep the virus from spreading exponentially, avoiding the sudden dizzying increases seen in Italy and other countries. Many people who spread COVID 19 are highly contagious before they even know they are sick.

This is the importance of social distancing. Even when all seems well, once sick, it is critical to stay isolated at home and minimize contact with family members. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority will recover without needing the hospital. For the few who may have more severe symptoms, please, please, please, we ask that you call your healthcare provider prior to arriving at the clinic.

Please take this seriously. Do your part to help the healthcare workers and our entire community. The time to act is now and together we can flatten the curve in Homer. For more information, go to
coronavirus.alaska.gov thank you.