Ken Castner leads in race for Homer Mayor

Oct 2, 2018

Ken Castner
Credit Courtesy of City of Homer

Candidate Ken Castner leads in the race for Homer’s mayor by about 100 votes, according to unofficial results.

However, Castner’s lead over his opponent David Lewis is not guaranteed. Approximately 320 absentee, questioned and special needs ballots still need to be counted. Nine additional ballots could also arrive by mail.  

Still, Castner said he’s elated that his message of cooperation and unity resonated with voters.  Castner is running as a “citizens’ mayor” and promises that if elected, he will not break ties on the council.

“There'll be some compromises made and that will end up with some solutions rather than just politically powering past with a four-three vote.”

Castner says he looks forward to focusing on process rather than product.

“I really want to have a very, very inclusive process where people feel that they can come and feel free to speak, and listened to,” he said. “So, there's going to be a lot more listening.”

“Oh, well, such is life,” Lewis said of the preliminary results Tuesday evening. “I get to watch Monday night football two weeks in a row. I sit on the Parks, Art, Recreation and Culture Committee, so I will keep doing that.”

He offered his congratulations to Castner, but he said he was disappointed with the turnout. Roughly 1,250 voters headed to the polls Tuesday. The city's canvas board will tally up the final vote on Friday. The Homer City Council will certify the results on Oct. 8.