How Homer and Dists. 31 and 32 voted

Nov 9, 2020

Credit Shahla Farzan/KBBI

    As Alaskans wait for the final count of absentee ballots starting Tuesday, the State of Alaska Division of Elections has released its Combined Ballot Count Report. It shows 5,586 ballots of all kinds cast in District 31, Homer and the Southern Kenai Peninsula.

    Of that total, the majority came by mail. 3,252 mail-in ballots dwarfed the in-person ballot total of 2,151.

    There were 164 ballots cast online, 14 special needs ballots, and five were cast via fax.

    Nine ballots -- one cast in person and eight received by mail -- were rejected, though the report did not say why. Common reasons for absentee ballots rejection include a lack of signature. The requirement for a witness to an absentee ballot was waived for the Alaska General Election.

    In House District 32, which includes the South Kachemak Bay communities, along with Prince 

William Sound and Kodiak, 3,421 total ballots were cast. Of those, 1,267 were in person, while 1,767 were absentee by mail; 356 were cast online, and 23 were special needs ballots, an option for ballots to be brought to a home- or hospital-bound voter. Five ballots were received via fax.

    Incumbent House 31 Representative Sarah Vance holds a sizable lead over her challenger with 70 percent, or 3,711 votes, to Kelly Cooper’s 30 percent and 1,571 votes.

    House 32 incumbent Representative Louise Stutes, who ran unopposed, has 96 percent, or 3,397 votes.

    In Senate District P, which is made up of House Districts 31 and 32, incumbent Sen. Gary Stevens maintains a nearly two-to-one margin over his A-I-P challenger from Soldotna, Greg Madden.

    The Division of Elections plans to commence the absentee count -- which is by far a record -- on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, the state has also released the Statement of Votes Cast, which breaks down the vote by precinct. In the presidential election, voters in Homer's two districts preferred incumbent President Trump by a combined 758 to 342 votes, with a smattering to third-party candidates.

    Roughly the same margins went for incumbent republican Sen. Dan Sullivan, and Rep. Don Young. In Alaska Senate District P, the margin was 724 to the incumbent Sen. Gary Stevens and 417 to his challenger. Voters in Homer also favored incumbent Rep. Sarah Vance, 719 to 426.