Homer grown: Compost, Vermiculture and Worms

Jun 13, 2021

Sorting through screens of worm castings
Credit Grandpa's Worm Castings

In this episode host Desiree Hagen interviews Jodie Anderson, director of the Matanuska Experimental Farm and Extension Center through UAF about all things compost. Can it be composted? Is it a "brown" or a "green"? Jodie explains how we can be better "zookeepers" to our compost piles, and how microbes can be compaired to children who have been given puppies and too much sugar.

Next we address vermiculture, or the raising of worms, with Micheal Hicks owner of "Grandpa's" in Kasilof, the only commericial supplier of Worm Castings in Alaska. Yes, we are talking worm poop. 

Homer Soil and Water Conservation District's, Kyra Wagner and Matt James share tips for building an ideal compost container for your Tech Minute. 

And Nicole Arevalo, also from HSWCD, has your current events and opportunies in local Agriculture.

Music provided by the local band Trial and Terror. Every member of this band works in Agriculture. Check out their work here and support them.

Homer Grown is possible because of the generous support of our underwriters, Wagon Wheel Garden and Pet and Woda Botanicals.

This episode first aired 06/12/21.