Homer Grown: Birch Syrup and Moose Habitat Restoration

May 11, 2021

Birch Sap awaiting collection
Credit Homer Grown

Nature provides many cues to alert us to the arrival of spring, whether its the return of migratory birds, the appearence of stinging nettles, or the flow of birch sap. In this episode we visit with Bridge Creek Birch Syrup both in the birch grove and at the sugar shack to discuss the process of making birch syrup. 

Matt James from Homer Soil and Water and Lynn Whitmore, of Kachemak Moose Habitat, Inc. chat about moose, their habitat and the different ways that they are working toward maintaining healthy moose populations.

And Nicole Arevalo has your weekly roundup of events and opportunites in local Agriculture. 

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This show originally aired May 8, 2021.