Homer Election Certified, Confirms Results

Oct 8, 2016

Credit City of Homer

The City of Homer has counted all the votes and certified the official results for the regular election that took place Tuesday, October 4.

“The certifying of the results include counting all of the absentee and early ballots, the question ballots, and special needs votes. It did adjust the percentages for the candidates slightly, and for the proposition,” said Jo Johnson, the City of Homer Clerk. She says that the newly counted ballots did not change the overall results of the election by much.

Homer City Council Member, Bryan Zak, still won the two-year position as city mayor, with 720 votes; defeating fellow Council Member, David Lewis by a small margin.

Homer’s City Council had two new members voted in. Over 1,000 voters casted ballots for Shelly Erikson, and a little over 800 casted their votes for Tom Stroozas. Both will serve three-year terms.

Kimberly Ketter came in third, with 226 votes.

Proposition 1, the funding for a new police station in Homer,  was voted down by 52% percent of voters. Johnson says turnout for the election exceeded previous years.

“It was a good turnout. We had 32 percent, which is up from our average of 26 percent,” said Johnson.

The certified election results can be found on the City of Homer website on the clerk’s page under the elections tab.