Homer City Council Candidate Bows Out

Sep 22, 2015

          Homer City Council Candidate Michael Neece officially withdrew his name from the race for city council on Monday. Neece says he has to quit for multiple reasons. 

“Part of it was time, part of it was family. Some of it was a medical thing. Part of it was conflict with my new job and the city. I couldn’t work my new job and be on the city council because it would be in conflict with my new business,” says Neece.

      Neece declined to identify his business on record. 

“I can’t really say right now we’re still structuring it. It’s just a business that we’d be applying for contracts and we would have to stay free from involvement in agencies. We’d want to be independent,” says Neece.

      Neece is effectively out of the race, but his name will appear on the official ballot on Election Day. The ballots have already been printed. He plans to spread word of his withdrawal to as many people as possible to minimize chances residents will vote for him instead of the candidates who are still seeking election. Neece apologizes for pulling out so close to Election Day, but he says the decision was unavoidable. Election Day for the City of Homer is October 6th.