Do you have a minute to end domestic violence?

Apr 5, 2021

To find out about Green Dot training and events in Homer, search for Green Dot Homer on your favorite social media platform or contact South Peninsula Haven House at (907) 235-7712.

Hi, this is Jessi Felice from Haven House with your Green Dot Minute.

Green Dot is a way of looking at the problem of violence with hope that it can be solved and that we all have a role to play in solving it. As individuals, we have the power to influence our friends, family, coworkers and the world around us.




A Green Dot is pulling a friend out of a high-risk situation, checking in on a colleague you are worried about, donating a few dollars to your local center or getting employees paid time off to attend a related event, contributing to the conversation using Green Dot social media or getting someone else to step in if you can't.

We can also do Daily Dot s by making violence prevention part of who we are.
Green Dot is simply your individual choice at any given moment to make our community safer.

Please join us at Grace Ridge brewery, on Wednesday from five to seven p.m. for a walk through and stay tuned for events coming up.