Commentary: You can sign the Recall Dunleavy petition at home

Mar 26, 2020

Kathy Carssow of Homer, a volunteer with the Homer Recall Dunleavy campaign.
Credit Kathy Carssow

Kathy Carssow is a volunteer for the Recall Dunleavy effort in Homer.

The views expressed in this commentary do not reflect those of KBBI’s staff board or volunteers.


Hello, this is Kathy Carssow. I volunteer on the Homer Recall Dunleavy campaign.  In just 3 weeks, over 11 hundred voters on the Southern Kenai Peninsula signed the petition to put the recall question before Alaska voters.  Now Recall Dunleavy has launched “Sign At Home,” a safe and remote way for you to join us in putting Alaska back on track.

If you haven’t already signed the petition to Recall Governor Dunleavy this winter, you may still do so from the safety of your home by going to RecallDunleavy.ORG.  There click on “Sign” to request a personal petition booklet to be mailed directly to your mailbox with a prepaid return envelope.

Because Alaskan’s safety and health is our top priority, we are following CDC recommendations. Last week, the Recall Dunleavy campaign suspended all in-person signature gathering during the COVID 19 pandemic.  Hence, the Homer Recall office on Lake Street is closed until further notice and our volunteer signature gathers have turned in their petition books. 

Again, if you want to support the recall, go to  At your request, the campaign will send you a mini-booklet containing the legally required information and a page allowing up to 15 registered voters to sign their support.  You can then mail the booklet back to the campaign in the postage-prepaid envelope. 

Registered voters in the state as well as snowbirds, students and others temporarily Outside may request a petition.

Last summer, the application petition that began the recall process gathered over 2,000 signatures on the Southern Peninsula and over 46,000 signatures statewide.  People who signed that application petition last summer still need to sign the second petition in order to put the recall question on the ballot.

To quote Meda DeWitt, Chair of Recall Dunleavy, “In extraordinary times, Alaskans meet challenge with resilience, intelligence, and ingenuity.  We are making history once again, so please join us by signing from home.  If you have already signed in phase two this winter, you can help by telling family and friends that they can now safely sign at home.”
For more information go to

Thank you for listening and please stay safe.