Coffee Table, May 26 2021- Help is Here: A presentation of resources from the Opioid Task Force

May 27, 2021

The Southern Kenia Peninsula Opioid Task Force shared a recording of their recent presentation of resources on KBBI's Coffee Table on Wednesday.

The presentation, Help is Here, features representatives from area treatment centers and organizations dedicated to reducing drug use and treating addiction on the Peninsula.

The presentation has been lightly edited.
It is introduced by Stephanie Sitwell of the  SKP Opioid Task Force and includes presentations by:
Dr. Sarah Spencer, Ninilchik Traditional Council Community Clinic
Phillip Licht, Set Free Alaska
Bonita Banks, MAT Nurse and Homer Medical Center
Charlie Simons, Cook Inlet Counseling
Irene Saxton, Sea Sparrow Counseling
Zoë Dixon, Peer Recovery Support Specialist with Ninilchik Traditional Council Community Clinic
Jay Bechtol, South Peninsula Behavioral Health Center
Willy (First name only), 12 Step Programs 
Annette Hubbard, NTC Case Manager & Homer Syringe Exchange