Coffee Table - Jan. 27, 2021: Oil and gas and fish in Cook Inlet

Jan 27, 2021

The area for Lease Sale 258 in Cook Inlet
Credit BOEM

Federal oil and gas leases coming up for sale in Cook Inlet are in the same area as the new North Pacific Fisheries Management Council restrictions on commercial salmon fishing. State and federal agencies could cooperate to keep the fishery open, but the State of Alaska declined to do so.

Guests, Bob Shavelson from Cook Inletkeeper,  Dave Martin, President of Upper Cook Inlet Drift Association, Robert Ruffner, former member of the Alaska Board of Fisheries and Seldovia fisherman Josh Wisniewski talk about the conflict between the fishery and oil and gas in the inlet. For information about the BOEM lease sale 258 go to

To access Cook Inletkeeper's petition to oppose the lease sale, go to