Coffee Table - Feb. 10, 2021: Stories of Black history with Skywalker Payne

Feb 10, 2021

Credit HPL

Coffee Table is celebrating Black History Month with a visit from local storyteller and activist Skywalker Payne.

 Payne's latest project R.A.C.E.S., which stands for Race - A Concept Explored in Story, meets on Zoom every Tuesday of this month from 6 to 7 p.m. Register for the free story circle at Homer Public Library's website. Click on the audio below to hear Payne telling stories of Black history and talking with host, Kathleen Gustafson, about reconciliation through storytelling, and about her podcast, Awesome Anti-Racism.

Link to Skywalker Payne's work and stoies through social media or by going to

For a free download of Black History in the Last Frontier by Ian C. Hartman, go to the National Park Service's webpage at: