City of Homer gathers wide range of Covid-19 related info

Apr 1, 2020

The City of Homer has added a section to its website devoted specifically to the Covid-19/coronavirus. City Information Officer Jenny Carroll detailed some of the site’s easy-to-use features in a conversation with KBBI.

We've put a lot of work into this website so that it can be as comprehensive a source of information for people as can be.

You know, sometimes we go to the CDC site for medical guidance or you go to the state website for what's happening on a statewide level, which are great resources. And we really wanted to also weave in the local resources and the local questions that people are having. So we have made a very comprehensive website that is updated daily, so that people can get both local information and go and easily access information that they would want on the state or federal level.

So I think people will find it very easy to navigate.

The CDC has published on their website, guidelines by topics and it's all alphabetized. So, if you wanted to know something about needing to go see the dentist or helping take care of your children during this time, you can quickly go to a button right there and get it and not search through a lot of different websites and places.

And then we get into some pretty cool places that touch back on the community's overwhelming desire to donate and help out. And you can find that on a button called donations and volunteering.

You can also call the city of Homer's Covid info line, and that is staffed from Monday through Saturday, from eight to five. If you get the message machine, it just means we're working with somebody else on another project and we will get back to you. And that number is 435-3197.

In the Public Information Office section of the EOC, we are definitely spending a lot of time trying to connect people to the right information at the right time. And our website is a great place to do that, as well as the info line.