Borough Marijuana Ban Ordinance Postponed

Apr 6, 2016

Kenai Peninsula Borough-Homer Annex Office
Credit Courtesy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly ran out of time during its Tuesday night meeting and had to postpone the vote to introduce a controversial ordinance. Ordinance 2016-10 would give Kenai Peninsula Borough residents the option to not allow licensed marijuana businesses in the borough.

Homer Assembly Member Kelly Cooper says she normally votes to at least introduce every ordinance so it can be heard. But, she won’t give this ordinance the same courtesy.

“I think this timing is terrible. Many residents have spent $5,000 - $6,000 on their application fee and hundreds of thousands on their building thinking that the borough, by our actions were in support, and were not going to banning this in our municipality. So, I can’t accept this for introduction and I will be voting against it,” said Cooper.  

Assembly President Blaine Gilman’s ordinance will have another chance to be introduced during the assembly’s April 19th meeting. The assembly will listen to more public testimony on the ordinance and Homer residents will be able to testify at the borough’s Homer Annex Office.