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Kenai Peninsula Picks Cruz

Photo Courtesy of the Alaska Republican Party.

Alaska Republicans chose Ted Cruz as their candidate during the party’s Presidential Preference poll Tuesday evening. The Texas Senator was just slightly ahead of Donald Trump with a 36.4 percent. Trump took 33.5 percent of the vote. None of the other candidates were even close.

District 31’s Republicans, in the Southwest Kenai Peninsula Borough, followed the statewide trend. A 38 percent majority voted for Cruz. Trump got 36 percent of the vote. 

There were five candidates on the ballot: Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Ben Carson.

District 31 voters cast their ballots at the Anchor River Inn, in Anchor Point and at the trailside building in Homer.

That’s where Homer resident Peggi Patton cast her ballot for Donald Trump.

“I voted for Trump because I’m in for change. I’m not in for status quo and the typical political I’m going to fix this I’m going to fix that. I’m ready for somebody who’s a little more radical than what we’ve had that’s more about we the people. I personally think Trump because he’s willing to say, ‘you’re fired that he’s going to negotiate some things for our country,” said Patton.

Julie Fisk also voted for Trump because she says she’s concerned about the economy.

“I voted for Donald Trump. We’re just in such a financial crisis right now that I don’t want a politician in there and I think that I want somebody in there that can hopefully get us out of this debt that we’re in. And people are worried about him with our foreign policy but president’s look to aids and I think he’s a smart man and that he could take care of the foreign policy,” said Fisk.

Randy Arndt also voted in Homer, but for Ted Cruz.

“I think Ted represents the best candidate for what’s best for the country. I think his focus on the constitutional side of things is extremely important,” said Randy Arndt.

Homer resident Ken Arndt said his vote was cast for Cruz too, along religious lines.

“I’m voting for Ted Cruz because he’s a Christian and he knows his way around," said Ken Arndt.

Andrew Smith, of Homer, said he voted for Marco Rubio because he seemed most closely aligned with Libertarian values.

“I actually switched parties tonight. I was with the Libertarians and realized that’s not going to do very much good. So I switched over to Republican hoping that I could help the cause, help the guy out – I voted for Rubio and I’m hoping that works out. He just has a lot of views in line with where I’m at. And I definitely don’t want Trump in so. His views are totally anti-conservative and I’m just appalled that he’s so popular right now,” said Smith.

In District 29, North Kenai Peninsula Borough voters chose Ted Cruz as well and so did District 30’s, Kenai/Soldotna voters.

Americans in 12 states and American Samoa cast ballots to choose their party's presidential nominees on Tuesday.

Alaska will send 28 delegates to the Republican Convention, the same number as Oregon, despite Alaska's small population.

Democrats won't hold their caucus until Saturday, March 26. District 31 had 995 people vote.

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