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Rachel Faulkner White

Rachel Faulkner is a producer and editor for TED Radio Hour.

During her time at NPR, Faulkner has also helped create dozens of TED Radio Hour segments, including a long-form interview on navigating grief and hardship, a look at how family income affects childhood brain development, a conversation on loneliness and human connection and an exploration of outer space and gravitational waves. She also occasionally produces episodes of How I Built This, including fan favorites like The McBride Sisters, Rent The Runway, Bumble and filmmaker Ava DuVernay.

Faulkner is part of the TED Radio Hour team that received a 2018 Webby Award for their Manipulation episode. She also worked as a research assistant for Professor Steven V. Roberts, author of the memoir Cokie: A Life Well-Lived, about his wife (and one of NPR's Founding Mothers) Cokie Roberts.

Faulkner joined NPR in 2016 as an intern. She started producing while finishing college, coming into the office between classes, and joined NPR full-time after finishing her bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communications from George Washington University.