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How did your opinion about abortion change as a result of a particular experience?

LA Johnson

There are many experiences one can have that might change their mind regarding a complex issue. You might change your mind after talking with a friend who has a different viewpoint or experiencing something firsthand.

NPR's Morning Edition would like to hear from you if you have had an experience that made you think differently about abortion. Were you once anti-abortion, but a conversation with someone had you rethinking your viewpoint? Did you have an abortion and later regretted it? Have you ever had an abortion, even though you never thought you would?

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Miranda Kennedy
Miranda Kennedy is a supervising editor on Morning Edition. She leads political coverage, manages the show's editorial content, and plans stories for the daily program. In her role, she has led live coverage with David Greene following the 2015 Paris attacks and reported from China with Steve Inskeep for two weeks in 2017.