Small tour company decides expansion can wait

Jun 22, 2020
Seldovia Nature Tours

The tourism season for summer 2020 was, as we keep hearing, supposed to have been a record breaking one for Alaska’s visitor industry, with untold numbers of Outsiders arriving by RV, plane and cruise ship. And in preparation, were hundreds of businesses ready to show them a little piece of Alaska.
    Of course most of those Outside visitors will not show up this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the local tourism industry is scrambling to shift gears to attract other Alaskans to the Kenai Peninsula in order to help save the season.

After failing to block an ordinance in the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly that would provide for an expanded number of options for residents to casts votes, foes of voting-by-mail, led by Assemblymembers Norm Blakley of Sterling and Jesse Bjorkman of Nikiski, have filed a referendum petition application to have the measure repealed by voters in October.
    The Borough Mayor's Office and assembly members were notified by the clerk of the filing on Thursday.

Chamber cancels new Halibut Tourney

Jun 22, 2020
Homer Chamber of Commerce

The first year of Homer’s two-day halibut tournament has been cancelled.
    That word from Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Brad Anderson.

The first Juneteenth celebration to be held in Homer will take place at WKFL Park today.
Juneteenth honors the day news reached Texas that the Civil War was officially over and that those enslaved in America were free by law. That was 155 years ago and more than two year after the passing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

KPB School District planning for schools reopening

Jun 19, 2020

Kenai Peninsula Borough Schools Superintendent John O’Brien announced the district’s planning for opening up school again in the fall.
    In an announcement posted to the district web site Thursday, O’Brien said a 20-person team has been designing a safe start-up plan, with the planning goal of opening all 42 schools in the borough for on-site and in-person teaching and learning.

The KBBI Board of Directors is proud to announce the dedication and renaming of the principal on-air studio as the 'Gary Thomas Studio'. Gary served this community at Kachemak Emergency Services, as a member of the Homer Volunteer Fire Department, as editor and publisher of the Homer News and as volunteer host and auctioneer for decades worth of fundraising and advocacy events across the peninsula.


Six employees of South Peninsula Hospital have been diagnosed positive with COVID-19 over the past three weeks. That information came from SPH spokeswoman Derotha Ferraro Thursday morning on KBBI’s COVID Brief.
     “So we have six employees, since late May, it's actually three weeks today. And of those six, that represents one percent, just over one percent of our 480 employees,” Ferraro said. “And these six employees work in five different departments. And none of these employees reported close contact with patients or residents.”


Homer's COVID-19  Incident Command Team takes listener questions.  Jenny Carroll from the City of Homer and  DHSS Nurse Lorne Carroll talk about what causes a  false positive and if differences in level of  exposure to  COVID-19  affect the severity of patients' response to the virus.

South Peninsula Hospital Spokesperson Derotha Ferraro talks about the six cases of COVID-19 among workers at SPH that were confirmed by The Homer News this week.

About two weeks after the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly passed an expanded elections options ordinance, it came up for a reconsideration vote about four hours into Tuesday night’s regular meeting. A reconsideration vote is a final effort to change something that’s already passed.
    During the meeting, Seward Assemblymember Kenn Carpenter explained why he asked to have the expanded elections ordinance reconsidered after it passed 6-to-3 two weeks earlier.

City of Homer


   Halibut anglers and the charter guide segment got some good news in an announcement from NOAA Fisheries this week when it announced new rules for Area 3A Southcentral Alaska.

On this edition of The Coffee Table:

KBBI General Manager Josh Krohn and Loren Barrett, Development Director talk about new projects and equipment upgrades at the station with an assist from KBBI Board President Wayne Aderhold.

And Senior Producer Jeff Lockwood previews this weekend’s Concert On Your Lawn!


Residents of Homer thought the worst when it was announced last week that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 had reached Friendship Terrace, the assisted living arm of Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. Two employees had tested positive, and on Friday it was announced that a resident had tested positive for the disease.
    Cases of COVID-19 have run rampant in such congregate living centers around the nation, hitting Anchorage earlier this month.


The City of Homer has started receiving reports back from the COVID-19 study it is participating in, trying to gauge the incidence of the disease in the population by sampling the city’s sewer.
    City spokesperson Jenny Carroll explained on Thursday’s COVID Brief.
     “It is a study, just trying to figure out how to see it in the wastewater and then extrapolate that to our population numbers,” Carroll said. “So it is a study, it's a rough estimate of the number of people in the community, but it is confirming the presence of COVID-19 in our community.”

This week on Homer Grown: Soils

Jun 14, 2020
Homer Grown

For the latest episode of Homer Grown, hosted by Desiree Hagen:

Emily Garrity of Twitter Creek Gardens talks about bio-intensive agriculture and the benefits of minimal till gardening.

Soil Scientist Doug Van Patton and Homer Soil and Water's Brad Casar dig deep into the soils of Kachemek Bay. 

Kyra Wagner introduces useful tools to help work your soil.

Emily Wisdom

Alaskans know what Outsiders think is only an urban legend, but it’s true, eagles will swoop down and take your small dog away for a meal if you’re not careful. But a Homer woman has a new twist that’ll make the story that much more amazing.
    An eagle in downtown Homer attacked her full-grown Weimaraner, a dog about the size of a labrador retriever, sending the pup to the vet clinic with severe injuries.
    Emily Wisdom picks up the story.