The Covid-19 Pandemic is raging at its most intense right now across the country, in Alaska, and especially on the Kenai Peninsula. On Thursday, both the country and the state reported the largest single-day death tolls yet from the coronavirus.
    On the weekly Covid Brief with host Kathleen Gustafson, vaccination scheduling, hospital capacity and why the current infection trend is so steeply upward were all part of the conversation with Alaska Public Health Nurse Lorne Carrol and South Peninsula Hospital’s Derotha Ferraro. Here’s an excerpt of the full show.

Emilie Springer Commentary: Beads and Wisdom

Dec 4, 2020

This week, commentator Emilie Springer profiles Karalee Bechtol and her store, Beads and Things in downtown Homer, where she discovered that there’s a lot of therapy in beading.

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KPC Showcase melds local knowledge and science

Dec 2, 2020

Tonight (Wednesday) at 6 p.m., the Soldotna campus of Kenai Peninsula College will present part one of a Zoom video conference series on the changing climate and how hunting and fishing could be affected. Led by Dave Atcheson, this two-part “KPC Showcase” will feature a discussion on changes experienced by those who’ve fished Alaska waters for decades.  

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Last Monday, Homer Community Food Pantry distributed over 250 Thanksgiving boxes and they're just getting started on their yearly collaboration with Share the Spirit to make and distribute Christmas boxes.

Because of job loss and slow downs due to COVID, need has escalated alongside the rising number of cases on the Peninsula. In order to operate safely, Dennis Weidler from the Homer Food Pantry says they've had to scale down from 30 volunteers to 10 volunteers, and they're exclusively a drive-through operation.

Kenai Peninsula College

On this morning's  The Coffee Table, learn about the latest from Kenai Peninsula College’s Showcase Series: A Changing Kenai Peninsula, Climate Change’s Possible Impact on the Future of Hunting and Fishing.

City to sun-set plastic bag exemption

Dec 2, 2020
City of Homer

Last spring when Covid-19 first reached pandemic levels in the U.S., the Homer City Council moved to allow single-use plastic grocery bags to be provided at local retail outlets. Homer residents voted in a plastic bag ban last year, however, with the nature of the coronavirus largely unknown, employees and management at local grocery stores urged the council to allow single-use bags out of concern that reusable bags may harbor the highly transmissible disease.


As of Monday afternoon, there were 101 new COVID-19 cases identified in the last 7 days on the Southern Kenai Peninsula. Many of those through testing at South Peninsula Hospital.

Hospital tests marked an over 8% positivity rate for the week. The total number of cases
identified through SPH, to date, is 370.

From 'Homergrown:' Winterizing livestock

Nov 30, 2020
Blood Sweat and Food Farms

As winter tightens its grip on the Lower Peninsula, we learn how one local pasture-land livestock farm takes care of its critters as the season turns cold, on the last episode of the year of “Homer Grown with Desiree Hagen.”
    Eyrn Young and Beau Burgess are two of the owners of Blood, Sweat, and Food Farms on East End Road.

Pier One Theatre

Pier One Radio Theatre and KBBI present:

Shakespeare in Quarantine, by Jessica Golden,
directed by Maynard Smith.

With theatres closed to prevent the spread of sickness, William Shakespeare struggles to write King Lear while juggling working from home, parenting and managing his Twitter account.

Featuring: Peter Sheppard, Poppy Smith, Lindsey Schneider and Peter Norton.



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Holiday season in Homer always means increased efforts to aid people in need, but what will that look like this year?


Nov 25, 2020

With a worldwide pandemic raging, getting together for a big meal is a terrible idea.  Finding ways to shrink Thanksgiving classics down?  Fantastic idea.  Jeff Lockwood makes turkey ballotines (and has unkind things to say about the turducken), as well as sweet potato gnocchi and green bean casserole, with a remote appearance from Teri Robl's stuffin' muffins.

Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 11/22/20.


Nov 25, 2020
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

There comes a time in a hen's life where she's not laying too much, and you have to make some decisions.  One of the options, the one Jeff Lockwood chooses this week, is stock - the best stock you can make.  Stock leads inexorably to soup - potato leek, this time.

Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 11/8/20.


Nov 25, 2020

Milk is much more than a drink - it's an important ingredient, contributing fat, texture, and flavor to many different foods - meatballs and quiche among them.  Jeff Lockwood is joined by Teri Robl for a look at one of the many useful products squeezed from underneath the cow. 

Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 10/25/2020.

Holidays made brighter through helping others

Nov 25, 2020
Fran Van Sandt

Thanksgiving reminds us that not everyone has a table of plenty during the holidays. That reality didn’t sit well with Homer’s Fran Van Sandt, who’s been filling boxes with food for Thanksgiving for more than a third of a century.
    Commentator Emilie Spring recently visited Van Sandt and other people who continue to bring some holiday cheer to their neighbors


At last night's Homer City Council meeting, Homer's COVID Incident Command Team delivered their regular report to the Council. Christine Anderson, representing South Peninsula Hospital, spoke of five COVID patient admissions to SPH over the last two weeks, ten COVID-related emergency room visits over the last two weeks and, she said, about 20 clinic visits from COVID positive patients.