Spruce bark beetle help available

Mar 24, 2020
US Forest Service

    Even though we're all in the midst of worrying about Covid-19, landowners will soon have to start dealing with this season’s upcoming spruce bark beetle outbreaks. 

In an effort to share the burden, the state’s Division of Forestry has a cost-sharing program through the Western Bark Beetle Initiative with funding from the U.S. Forest Service.

The funding can be used for bark beetle prevention, suppression or restoration projects statewide.

KBBI File Photo/Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

Things were anything but normal at Monday night’s regular meeting of the Homer City Council.
Only the mayor and one council member were present in chambers, while the other five attended the meeting via telephone. A few staff were in attendance as well, and while citizens were allowed, attendance was less than sparse.

Gated Communities ordinance postponed -- again

Mar 23, 2020

    The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly last week managed to amend the private streets and gated subdivision ordinance it has been contemplating for months now, but a final vote will have to wait another month, as it was postponed until April 21.

Two new Covid-19 cases on Kenai Peninsula

Mar 22, 2020
City of Homer

Seventeen new cases of Covid-19 infection in Alaska were announced by the state over the weekend --  two of them on the Kenai Peninsula.

Juneau update from Sen. Stevens

Mar 21, 2020
State of Alaska

    A lot of things have changed in Alaska in the week since we last spoke with District P Senator Gary Stevens. Last week there were no coronavirus cases in Alaska and “social distancing” was a strange, new concept. Now the State Capital is closed to the public and the legislature still has a lot of work to do. 

    Stevens phoned in and spoke with KBBI’s Jay Barrett on Wednesday.

City of Homer

When it comes to coronavirus, we need to flatten the curve.  We want to avoid huge spikes in infections in a short period of time. Let’s not overwhelm our healthcare system.  Flattening the curve means taking actions now that keep the virus from spreading quickly.  Don’t shake hands.  Make sure to cover your sneezes and coughs.  Wash your hands more frequently.  Call your health provider first before going in.  Telemedicine options are also highly encouraged.  Learn more at

City of Homer

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is important that all Alaskans take social distancing seriously. It is also really important that you stay home if you are sick, even with a mild respiratory illness. We recommend preparing your home to self-quarantine for two weeks. That means having enough food and essential supplies on hand for fourteen days, not for four months. Learn more about how to prepare and prevent the spread of COVID-19 at

Coronavirus reporting system in place

Mar 19, 2020

    Kachemak Emergency Services were called out in the early hours of March 17 for a death that may or may not have had respiratory complications, but which, according to a borough spokesperson, was definitely not tied to Covid-19/the coronavirus.

       “I can confirm that yes there was a death, but not related to Covid,” said Brenda Ahlberg. “I wish I could give you more but out of respect for the family and our HIPAA requirements, that's as much as I can legally give you.”

City of Homer

The City of Homer is facilitating live, weekly, local updates of information on COVID-19. Thursday, March 19, Derotha Ferraro from South Peninsula Hospital and Homer Volunteer Fire Department Chief Mark Kirko presented updated information and took calls from KBBI listeners.

This is KBBI Homer with a weekly live call in COVID-19 update, this week with Chief Mark Kirko from the Homer Volunteer Fire Department and Derotha Ferraro from South Peninsula Hospital. Derotha starts off the conversation talking about the hospital's procedures for keeping safe.

Sen. Stevens: Supply chain is secure

Mar 19, 2020
Matson Lines


    Worry over shortages have caused a run on items such as hand wipes and toilet paper, even though officials have said repeatedly that the supply chain from Outside to Alaska -- mostly through the Port of Seattle -- is secure.

    District P Senator Gary Stevens of Kodiak represents the south half of the Kenai Peninsula.

    Tuesday, Gov. Mike Dunleavy issued a statewide health mandate due to the sudden rise in COVID-19 cases, both in Alaska and nationally.

    In an attempt to stem the transmission of new cases, the governor has mandated that all bars, breweries, restaurants, food and beverage kiosks or trucks, and other establishments serving food or beverages be closed to public dine-in service.

Homer Medical Clinic

This is Dr. Bell from the Homer Medical Center. I would like you to join me in flattening the curve.

What does that mean?
It means taking actions now that keep the virus from spreading exponentially, avoiding the sudden dizzying increases seen in Italy and other countries. Many people who spread COVID 19 are highly contagious before they even know they are sick.

OEM Director briefs Assembly on Coronavirus

Mar 17, 2020
via Kenai Peninsula Borough webstream


    The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly was hoping for a sparse audience at last night’s regular meeting in Soldotna in hopes of encouraging social distancing, and they got it, with only four people present in the audience.


Remember if you are an older adult or have a severe chronic medical condition, make sure to put distance between yourself and others to help reduce the risk of being exposed to coronavirus.
Stay home as much as possible. Watch some movies and catch up on those books you always wanted to read.
If you do not have enough household items and groceries on hand, find a friend to run those errands for you. Take care of yourself and if you need to seek medical attention, please call first.
Learn more at

Cruises to Alaska getting scarce

Mar 16, 2020

The Canadian ministry that oversees cruise ship traffic announced Friday that it will suspend all cruises in its waters until at least July 1. In response, Holland America Lines announced on its blog that it will be reevaluating its summer cruises through British Columbia waters and to Alaska. It followed that with an announcement on Monday stating a 30-plus day suspension of all cruises.