Kenai Peninsula Borough

An anonymous source inside the Kenai Peninsula Borough says the borough mayor is “strong-arming” the school district and area hospitals over Covid-19 procedures, and is threatening future funding vetoes. The source requested anonymity out of fear for their job.

Alaska Food Hub/Cook Inletkeeper

The Alaska Food Hub based out of Homer was started a few years ago as a way to connect small local growers with residents. It has evolved to include items beyond vegetables, such as homemade treats.
    Robbi Mixon was on KBBI’s Coffee Table with Jeff Lockwood to discuss the Alaska Food Hub, and why it was created.

Kenai Peninsula Votes

What kind of voter are you? Are you a voter who likes to go to the polls, and proudly gets the sticker that says “I have voted”? Would you rather vote early or absentee?  Are you a person who thinks that your vote doesn’t count? Are you a person who doesn’t believe that government is working for you? Or do you not vote at all?

On this week's Coffee Table, KBBI's Jeff Lockwood speaks to Robbi Mixon and Kyra Harty from Alaska Food Hub, an online marketplace that connects eaters to farmers and other food producers.  Jeff also visits Hannah Prescott at Up Yonder Farm, who sells her produce (including corn!) almost exclusively through the Food Hub.

Recorded 08/18/21.  

US Census Bureau

      The Alaska Redistricting Board has released population figures from the most recent census, and it shows that South Kenai Peninsula communities grew by about 10 percent, though some areas were much higher. No place on the South Peninsula lost population.

    Anchor Point added 199 residents, boosting the population by just about 9 percent from 2,234 to 2,433.

    Diamond Ridge also grew by 199 residents, but it was a 16 percent increase from 1,246 to 1,445.

Growing number of hats in Homer City Council ring

Aug 16, 2021
City of Homer

    Three more names have been added to October’s Municipal Election ballot. The City of Homer has a pair of three-year terms and a single one-year term available.

    According to the Homer City Clerk's Office, Shelly Erickson declared her candidacy for one of the three-year terms on Friday.

On Monday, Jason Davis filed to run for the one-year term, and Adam Hykes filed for a three-year term.


The human body’s immune system fights diseases with antibodies, but when presented with a new virus, like the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19, it can struggle to keep up. While vaccines are designed to stimulate the body’s immune system to fight something specific, like Covid-19, they take time to reach full effectiveness. But what scientists have done is create antibodies in the lab to help lessen the impact of the disease. These are monoclonal antibodies.

Homer Grown: Berry Wines and Meads

Aug 15, 2021
Homer Grown

A poet once said, "The whole universe is in a glass of wine." 

In this episode, we talk with Bear Creek Winery's Louis Maurer about utilizing local berries in wine blends, Bear Creek's gardens and working locally in sourcing berries and community engagement. We also visit Sweetgale Meadworks & Cider House and owner, Jason Davis, to chat about crafting meads using local ingredients and honey, as well as wild yeast. We also discuss the European natural wine movement, his philosophy toward winemaking and some of his favorite mead ingredients. 


    Covid-19 cases, driven by a mutation to the coronavirus that causes the disease, continue to increase in Alaska, and on the Kenai Peninsula. 

Dr. Christy Tuomi, the infection prevention lead at South Peninsula Hospital, was on Thursday morning’s Covid Brief.

Homer Drawdown

A group of local residents and organizations have come together to implement a local “carbon drawdown.” That’s the act of lowering the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas.
    Kim McNett is a local artist, guide and educator and a participant in Homer Drawdown.

School District Updates Covid-19 Mitigation Plan

Aug 13, 2021
Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

Thursday afternoon, the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District announced an updated Covid-19 mitigation plan.

    While not mandating the use of masks among students and staff, the district now “highly recommends” they do so while indoors. In addition, all visitors and school volunteers are required to wear a face covering while in a school during the academic day.

    The district reiterated the federal mandate that students wear masks while riding a school bus, either to school or activities elsewhere.

Covid Brief: August 12, 2021

Aug 12, 2021

The Covid Brief with Derotha Ferraro of South Peninsula Hospital, Nurse Lorne Carroll of the Homer Public Health Center, and Dr. Christy Tuomi, the infecftion prevention lead at SPH.

Coffee Table: Homer Drawdown Peatland Project

Aug 11, 2021
Homer Drawdown

  On the Coffee Table this week we welcome members from Homer Drawdown, a group committed to finding local solutions to mitigate the threats of climate change. They are engaged in a community wide collaboration to protect and restore wetlands through surveys, outreach, education, conservation and art. Our guests are artist, guide, and educator, Kim McNett and Seldovia geologist, Bretwood "Hig" Higman.  They discuss the importance of peatlands in carbon storage, biodiversity, wildfire prevention, water filtration, and salmon habitat.   

Black Cod

Aug 11, 2021
Black Cod
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Whether you call it black cod, sablefish, or something else entirely, Anaplopoma fimbria can always be called delicious.  Jeff Lockwood makes black cod court-bouillon, smoked black cod boudin balls, and a smoked black cod and garlic scape farmer's cheese dip.

This season of Check the Pantry is made possible by the generous support of Bay Realty and The Grog Shop.

No On-Site Cannabis Consumption for Homer

Aug 11, 2021
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Homer City Council Monday night decided against becoming the fourth community in the state to allow on-site consumption of cannabis products. It was not an application by Old Town’s Cosmic Cannabis Company that was voted down, but two of their owners, including Chris Logan, spoke in favor of the ordinance.
    “Me and my business partner Chris Long are co-owners of the CCC on East Bunnell Ave, right next to Two Sisters," Logan said. "Several of you have been down there to visit us.”