HEA warns: Rates to rise in New Year

Dec 29, 2020
Homer Electric Association


   Homer Electric Association customers can expect to see another rate increase coming in the new year.

    A press release from the co-op Monday says it has submitted a request to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) to increase the Cost of Power Adjustment charge to customers from 8.07-cents per kilowatt-hour to 8.4-cents per kilowatt-hour.


On Monday afternoon, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Vaccine Allocation Advisory Committee heard public comment on the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Homer Medical Center

Most people who catch COVID-19 will not end up in the hospital, we'll go through it at home, alone or with family. But everyone needs a plan for quarantine, treatment and convalescence. Dr Christina Tuomi, from Homer Medical Center, recently made the time to speak to KBBI's Kathleen Gustafson to offer some tips for treatment when COVID comes to your home.

If you have COVID, reach out to your primary caregiver or call the South Peninsula Hospital COVIDline at (907) 235-0235 to ask about borrowing an oximeter and to keep in contact with local healthcare providers.



On this morning's COVID-19 Brief, panelists,

Nurse Lorne Carroll from the Homer Public Health Center and AK State DHSS, and Derotha Ferraro from South Peninsula Hospital, answer questions, live, from the listeners.
Also, host Kathleen Gustafson airs recorded conversation with Dr. Christy Tuomi from Homer Medical Center, with tips for going through COVID at home, and Keren Kelly Executive Director of Homer Senior Citizens Inc. gives a prerecorded update from the senior center.


Emilie Springer: Meet Carol Comfort

Dec 24, 2020

This week, with the Christmas festivities upon us, Homer’s Emilie Springer introduces us to one of the busiest piano teachers of the last couple decades, Carol Comfort.

    Each week Emilie Springer shares her thoughts on people, places and things in and around Homer.

It only took a few days for South Peninsula Hospital to distribute its share of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. According to hospital spokesperson Derotha Ferraro. All the residents at SPH long term care and most of the healthcare workers in the hospital have been vaccinated with dose one of the two dose regimen. The hospital was scheduled to receive 215 vials of dose one. The State only delivered 180 vials to SPH, but with extra vaccine left in the vials, the hospital was able to vaccinate everyone on their list.

South Peninsula Road Conditions

Thousands of Kenai Peninsula drivers are helping one another navigate local roads through social media.
If you’ve driven the Kenai Peninsula, you’ve probably used the South Peninsula Road Conditions Facebook group. With over 11,000 members, it’s an important resource for commuters as they navigate the
Mike Barrett remembers hopping on CB radio to get the highway report from truckers when he was growing up on the peninsula.
“That’s how we would find out what the roads were ahead. It was the social media of its time.”

Emilie Springer: The toys of Homer kids past

Dec 21, 2020
Emilie Springer photo

As we plan for a holiday season like no other, Homer’s Emilie Springer takes a look at some of the toys in the Pratt Museum’s collection that Homer children of the past played with. As she tells us, it’s part of a longer, on-going project.

    Each week Emilie Springer brings us thoughts on people, places, and things in and around Homer.

Covid-19 vaccines arrive in Homer

Dec 18, 2020

On Thursday morning’s Covid Brief with Kathleen Gustafson, vaccines were the hot topic of the day. South Peninsula Hospital spokesperson Derotha Ferraro said a shipment of 180 doses arrived this week, with health care workers scheduled to get the first shots.
    She said inoculations for the general public will come later.


Look up into the night sky for the next several days and observe the winter solstice, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and the Ursids meteor shower.

Click on the arrow below to hear KBBI volunteer Victoria Wilson Winne with the December Stargazers Report.


Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association

If the executive director of the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association could pick any day he wanted to make one of his regular reports to the Homer City Council, he could have done much worse than Monday.
    Earlier in the day the Alaska Division of Parks began taking public comment on the new draft of the Kachemak Bay State Park Management Plan, which happens to include shutting down the organization’s Tutka Bay Lagoon Hatchery. Quite a bit of the audio conference questions and answers concerned the hatchery.


On this morning's COVID-19 Brief, panelists:

Pegge Erkeneff, Spokesperson for Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, Jenny Carroll from the City of Homer, Nurse Lorne Carroll from the Homer Public Health Center and AK State DHSS and Derotha Ferraro from South Peninsula Hospital, answer questions from the listeners and talk about the first round of vaccinations at SPH, the full distribution of City CARES Act funding, and how to show your support for local healthcare workers.


The Kenai Peninsula Borough mayor’s chief of staff is heading an ad hoc effort to force the school district to bring students back into classrooms for full-time, in-person learning, something that was highly

Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association

It appears Homer’s mayor is becoming more comfortable casting his tie-breaking vote. After barely using it at all during his first term in office, Mayor Ken Castner on Monday night cast a tie-breaking vote and threatened a veto.
    The first instance was when the council took up a resolution supporting the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association and opposing proposed changes in the Kachemak Bay State Park management plan that would force the association’s Tutka Bay Hatchery to close.

NPS/Matt Chambers

On this episode of Coffee Table, you'll hear part 2 of the latest  Kenai Peninsula College Showcase Series. It was recorded on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.