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Halibut catch limits set charter regulations for 2019

Creative Commons photo by Ed Bierman

Southeast and Southcentral Alaska Pacific halibut charter regulations during the 2019 season will be similar to last year’s rules.  

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council set a range of charter regulations back in December, but those change based on the catch limits in each regulatory area. The International Pacific Halibut Commission set those limits today (Friday).

Area 2C in Southeast Alaska will see the same one-fish daily bag limit. Anglers can retain fish up to 38 inches or greater than 80 inches. There is also no annual bag limit for charter customers.

In the central Gulf of Alaska, area 3A, fishermen will be limited to one trip and two fish per day with an annual bag limit of four halibut. Southcentral charters will again face Wednesday closures all season. Operators will also be prohibited from booking trips on five Tuesdays between July 16 and August 13, one day less than 2018. ##

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