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Jesus Christ Superstar opens at Mariner Theater

Courtesy of Pier One Theater

Jesus Christ Superstar is coming to Homer. The rock musical, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the 1970s, is based on Jesus’s last week of life.

Pier One Theater’s Lance Peterson, Mark Robinson and Jennifer Norton are directing the play. Norton is very proud of her cast of 48 community members, and she warns that this production takes place somewhere a bit more modern than Jerusalem.

“Near-future dystopian alternate reality, definitely think Blade Runner,” Norton said.

Theatergoers can expect to see actors wearing a lot of black and grey, tattoos and eyeliner on the set.

Norton stresses that this is a collaborative process and notes that this production was the initial idea of fellow directors Peterson and Robinson, who were directing Homer High School productions at the time.

However, they thought the play was too controversial for students to perform.

Religious groups initially condemned the original Broadway show in the early 1970s, and Norton understands that this show comes with a wide range of emotions.

“For some people it’s the way that they came to Christianity, and other balk at the idea of depicting Jesus in this way at all,” Norton explains.

Norton does not want the show to lead to any controversy. She just wants the community to be happy with the production.

This is the second musical Norton has directed this year. She also produced Chicago this summer. Typically, Pier One produces just one musical per year, but Norton says she wanted every performer to have a chance to act in a fun role.

“Chicago is a cast that has a lot of juicy roles for women, and Superstar has a lot of juicy roles for men,” Norton states. 

Jesus Christ Superstar opens Friday at 7:30pm.