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City Council profile: Kimberly Ketter

Courtesy of the City of Homer

Kimberly Ketter is running for one of two seats on the Homer City Council this fall. Ketter also ran for a seat in 2016.

She says she doesn’t like the way things are running currently and hopes to make a change. Ketter thinks the current council does not consider the views of every citizen in Homer.

“Elected or not, I want to see the council adequately represent everybody,” Ketter explains. “I feel like there should be people representing the businesses, but also people representing the citizens, not just have a particular interest because they own businesses. That’s a problem of mine.”

She says she will hear the voices of disenfranchised citizens. Ketter, who has suffered from addiction, sees herself as someone who can address the drug and alcohol problems in the city as well. 

Regarding capital projects, Ketter also has unique plans for a new police station in Homer.

“The police station I think we did backwards. We took a look at the two high costing options and looked at low cost last. I think they’re in a good location. I think we need to research how many floors we can possibly go up,” Ketter says.

The Police Building Task Force recommended constructing a new building at the Corner of Heath Street and Grubstake Avenue this summer. The task force did examine a build-out of the current police station, but it was concerned there was not enough room on the property for future expansion.

The council is also facing zoning questions for the commercial cannabis industry. Current zoning code primarily allows commercial marijuana businesses to take root in downtown and in the southeast corner of town along Ocean Drive. Ketter says there’s room to expand.

“To allow it on the spit and other people to do it commercially to get rid of black market and establish jobs,” Ketter added.

The Homer Cannabis Advisory Council sent a recommendation to the city council asking it to support commercial cannabis on the  Homer Spit in August, but the council has not voted on the measure.

Overall, Ketter says she wants every citizen in Homer to have an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Polls are open next Tuesday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

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