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Celebrating Recovery: Homer's September Events to Support Addiction Healing

"All Things Recovery" is gearing up for this year’s Recovery Month, a dedicated time to celebrate and support the nation's efforts in addiction recovery. Throughout September, cities across the country will illuminate emerging treatment and recovery methods, pay tribute to service providers, and acknowledge the ever-expanding recovery community.

Based in Homer, Megan’s Place is a program that offers resources for individuals grappling with addiction. Annette Hubbard, a program volunteer, explained that they provide assistance with referrals for housing, food, counseling services, and even offer on-site resources.

"We provide safe injection and smoking supplies, harm reduction tools like Narcan, and more. Additionally, if you need a Hep C or an HIV screening, you can visit the exchange. In the event of a positive result, you will receive a referral for care at a clinic of your choice," Hubbard said.

Beyond Megan’s Place, Homer boasts an array of resources for those in recovery or currently battling addiction. Michael Raymond, the program manager for Compass Men’s Residential Treatment Facility in Homer, sheds light on their unique approach.

"We are a 16-bed men's residential program, possibly the only one in the state that allows single fathers with children to undergo treatment together. This provides them the opportunity to not only recover but also rebuild their lives and become successful parents, partners, and productive members of society," Raymond said.

The first event on the schedule is a potluck at SVT Health and Wellness in Homer, taking place this Thursday. Following that, there's a "recovery trip to Seldovia" scheduled for Saturday, September 2nd. Attendees will travel to Seldovia aboard the Seldovia Bay Ferry, offering them the chance to explore the town and gain insights into local recovery programs.

On September 7th, the Homer Theatre will screen "Tipping The Pain Scale," a documentary that chronicles the journey of individuals navigating the recovery process amidst systemic challenges in addiction response efforts. The screening will be followed by a brief Narcan training session and a community discussion.

The Kachemak Bay Recovery Connection will host a 5K Run for Recovery on September 16th at the Kevin Bell Arena. The event will culminate in a free community party featuring food, live music, awards, and the recovery run.

For a full list of events and resources, visit the Kachemak Bay Recovery Connection Facebook page or their website here. To listen to the complete Coffee Table conversation, visit or

Simon Lopez is a long time listener of KBBI Homer. He values Kachemak Bay’s beauty and its overall health. Simon is community oriented and enjoys being involved in building and maintaining an informed and proactive community.
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