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KPEDD touting borough on YouTube

Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District

A new online presence touting the Kenai Peninsula has gone live. It was put up by the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District. K-PEDD Executive Director Tim Dillon described the project.
    “We're in the middle of filming a video that we received federal dollars in order to do a six to eight minute video that will air on not only on the Alaska Channel, but in all the hotels around the state of Alaska and probably at a lot of the airports,” Dillon said. “Again, with the same message about this is a great place to raise your kids, go to work, recreate. In fact  we're getting the  borough mayor to do one for us on making sure that people know that the Kenai Peninsula Borough is open for business. And  during the summer we want Alaskans to come visit ‘Alaska’s Playground.’”
    Dillon said the YouTube channel is just one element in K-PEDD’s current project.
    “So, what we've been able to do is as we put all this together, we're going to have an overarching CEDS goal.  That'll be quality of living and quality of place,” Dillon said. “And what this will do, this will include us continuing to develop the Kenai Peninsula brand for residents, visitors, and businesses, by promoting an  expansion of our recreational amenities, our public access and all the different things that we can do for business here.”
    Overall, Dillon said the Peninsula is well positioned for the future.
    “Bottom line is people think here on the Kenai Peninsula that we're in better shape than any place else in Alaska,” Dillon said. “And I think that's a credit, not only to the administration here, but each of the incorporated communities, the mayors, the councils, and the, and the assembly members, making sure that we're heading in the right direction.”
    As for weaknesses in the borough, Dillon listed broadband internet connectivity is sorely lacking, and he said a solution must be found for public transportation, too.

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