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KPEDD Seeks Input on Development Strategy Survey

Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District

Every five years the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District updates its Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, incorporating public input as it does.
    “We started this back in July and we've been visiting with a lot of people all over the Kenai Peninsula to get their opinions and feelings and all. And we're just trying to make sure we get a good sampling,” said KPEDD’s Tim Dillon. “So one of the things that we did was we produced two different surveys. One is a business survey that was open back in February for 10 days. And then now we have a resident survey that's open for 10 days. And it's just something to help us from a planning perspective to take a look at where we are and what the community would like to see.”
    Dillon said the report will take a very broad view, and will not be bogged down in detail.
    “You have to remember, when you look at the Kenai Peninsula, we’re the size of the state of West Virginia, and we're extremely diverse,” he said. “So this is not a let's roll around in the weeds kind of survey. That's not what this document is. This document is kind of at the 30,000 foot level so that people can see themselves, but they probably don't agree with every last little bit.”
    Dillon said the report will focus on five main areas.
    “You know the overarching theme, which continues from everybody that we've talked to is what do they love the most about the Kenai peninsula and why are they there? And it's quality of living. So our overarching theme for the CEDS will be. That we will continue to develop the Kenai peninsula brand for residents, visitors, and businesses, and promote expansion of recreational amenities and public access,” he said. “But then under that, it looks like there's going to be five different goals, you know, five major goals. And the one is technology and communications, which would be our broadband piece. The second one is workforce and human capital. The third is infrastructure and land use. The fourth is business climate and entrepreneurship. And the fifth is regional partnerships.”
    The survey, which was released on March 1, closes on Wednesday. Go to KPEDD dot org, or the City of Homer website to participate.

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