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To be clear: There is no Covid-19 vaccine waiting list in Homer


After last weekend’s successful Covid 19 vaccine event in Homer where over 700 people were seen, demand for the inoculation remains high.
    And while there was a waiting list last week, that was a one-time thing.
    South Peninsula Hospital’s Derotha Ferraro explained in response to a caller’s question on Thursday’s Covid Brief with Kathleen Gustafson.
    “Super confusing. My bad. My apologies to all. There was a wait list and it was more of a standby list. And that was specifically for last weekend's clinic. And to get on that list, you agreed that you were going to be available on Friday and Saturday of last weekend, and then again, 28 days later for dose two. And so the people who got on that list that was specific to that event for that manufacturer of vaccine, which was Moderna for those days and those follow-up dates,” Ferraro said. “So it sounds easy to just say, Hey, why don't we just have a master list? But interestingly enough, there's becoming more vaccine manufacturers available, which have different development processes may or may not have a second dose. People might not be in town for the fourth week for your booster. So I just don't feel that having one master list will be useful in trying to roll them out. So having the list specific to that clinic date and manufacturer of vaccine seemed to be the best and most informed way for people to do that.”
    Ferraro says information on vaccination clinics, called “points of distribution,” will be available widely.
    “What we have is information. And so you can just check the hospital website for information. You can check the city's vaccine info line (435-3188), or you can potentially call the new borough line,” she said, adding, “In full transparency I have not briefed the people answering those phones as to what the situation is in Homer, but hopefully they have that and are able to immediately begin providing that.”
    But Ferraro emphasized that there is currently no waiting list for coronavirus vaccination on the southern peninsula. She also explained why SPH is not represented on the State of Alaska’s website.
    “So because the hospital does not have any vaccine available at this time, we've removed our presence from the state website. So I do want people to understand that just because you don't see somebody on the website doesn't mean that they might not be there in the future,” she said. “It's just, it seemed pointless to be represented as a vaccine provider on the state website when I know that for weeks to come, we don't have any.”


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