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Third option in Lower Peninsula for cannabis products

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A third store on the South Peninsula catering to cannabis consumers is holding a grand opening on Saturday in Old Town Homer. The Cosmic Cannabis Company has been open for a few days and the three people named ‘Chris’ who own the store will be celebrating with the public all day tomorrow.
    Chris Long is one of the owners.
    “We're hiring a lot of people too. We've already hired seven people and we're actually going to be hiring a lot more because we just got so many facets to the business,” Long said. “There for a while just us three did everything. You know, that was making it, packaging it, delivering it. And that's how it all kind of happened. Beatin' the streets, doing it, you know, and we all worked pretty hard to get where we're at right now.”
    Long’s partners in the business are Chris Logan and Chistopher Corey. They started in business together by manufacturing concentrates of various types under the “Sea Weed” brand.
    “Well, we make shatter, crumble, wax, vape cartridges. We make medicinal stuff too, like a pain stick,” he said. “And, we have a whole line of, edibles that we just got approved to do, but we're so busy, we can't even bring them out yet.”
    Though he admits the shelves are a little bare at the moment, Long says the Three C’s have plans beyond just cannabis products.
    “Myself and Christina we're both actually RN. That was part of it too, like in our store, we're going to sell a lot of holistic stuff too. Like we're going to sell a lot of weed products of course and stuff, but we want to do like a holistic line of other things like mushrooms and CBD products and so on and so forth.”
    The grand opening starts tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., and Long says he’ll be firing up the barbeque for visitors. The Cosmic Cannabis Company is located in Old Town at 261 East Bunnell Avenue.

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