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Full campgrounds a concern as closing looms

Image Courtesy of the City of Homer
City of Homer

Ingrid Harrald of the Parks, Art, Recreation and Culture Advisory Commission, or PARC-AC, updated the council at its most recent meeting last week, including the status of camping areas.
    “As you probably have heard or witnessed the camps have been incredibly overcrowded and exceeding capacity,” she said, adding that staff have been doing their best to keep up with it. “But this has been an exceptional year, as far as that goes. Hornaday park has continued to offer special use economic displaced campsites, and staff is looking at what happens in October when the Karen Hornaday park is closed.”
    Harrald also pointed out work done at other city parks, particularly Ben Walters Park.
    Council member Caroline Venuti said the park improvements got a very high rating from a young park aficionado she knows.
    “My nephew visited with his five year old daughter. And they go to every park in every community that they visit and the park by Ben Walters had just gotten new new slides and swings and pieces of equipment, And, his daughter said, ‘This is a five star park. Make sure that auntie knows because she helped get it.’” Venuti said. “Well, I didn't really help, but I wanted to pass that on. That's a five star park for a five year old, and she has gone to lots of parks this summer. So it was noticed very much. Thank you.”
    During the meeting Mayor Ken Castner appointed Frida Renner to serve as the student representative on the Library Advisory Board.  The term expires in May 2021.
    “ I love it when students say I want to be on a commission or an advisory commission. And, I was really pleased to appoint Frida Renner to the LAB. I think that when students join these groups, the amount that they can learn is just amazing,” Castner said. “And, I would encourage any student to think about joining one of these commissions. There's a couple of slots open this year, and taking part in the civic experiment that we have here in the United States called democracy, there's a place for everybody within the chain. And it's great to have that voice of the youth take part in that.”
    Homer’s new city manager is on the job. Rob Dumouchel took the oath of office last week.
    The oath was administered by City Clerk Melissa Jacobson, who had been a finalist for the city manager’s job.
    “And I also just wanted to say that it's really been great having Rob here this week, he's really friendly and personable, and I'm sure he's going to be great to work with. And I think you all did really well,” she said.
    “It's been really nice to be here,” Dumouchel said. “Everyone's been really wonderful and welcoming to me. I'm really excited to join this team and, I look forward to our next meeting next month.”
  The next city council meeting will be on Sept. 14.

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