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The Trails Report for Kachemak Bay State Park - May 20, 2021

Kachemak Bay State Park

Hello, this is Ingrid with Friends of the Kachemak Bay State Park. This is the latest trail report released Wednesday, May 19th, 2021. 

The current snow line is approximately 500 to a thousand feet. Snowshoes and or skis are recommended for travel above 800 feet.

 The following trails are clear and passable: China Poot Lake Trail - caution of flooding at mile two; passable with hip or chest waders, Coalition, Trail, and Estuary Trail, Glacier Lake Trail, Grewingk Tram Spur Trail. On  Grewingk Tram, use two people and gloves for operation on the tram. The Saddle Trail is clear as well.

Remember that bears are becoming active and remained bear aware at all times.

The following trails are difficult, but passable: Diamond Creek Trail. Please park at the top of the road and walk to the trail during breakup. This will help keep the integrity of the road for the summer.
Alpine Ridge and Blue Ice Trail, Goat Rope Trail, Grace Ridge Trail, Moose Valley Trail and Poot Peak Trail - North Route, South Route and Summit Route, Sadie Knob Trail and Tutka Bay Hatchery Trail. Tutka Jackolof Trail and Tutka Lake Trail are all difficult, but passable.

The following trails are difficult to impassable: Coalition Loop Trail is impassable to the falls. Please do not hike to the falls. Emerald Lake loop Trail is not recommended to hike as well as Sentinel Ridge and Tutka Back Door. Woznesenski River Trail is overflowed at the channel, making the trail impassable.

The full trail report with updates can be found at
Don't forget to pack out what you pack in. Follow COVID safety guidelines and have a great day in the park.